Caregiver putting on surgical mask on elderly ill woman - coronavirus protective protocol

Friendship and companionship are some of the most important and valuable things in life, for people of all ages – and this is especially true for seniors. Unfortunately, social isolation is a common problem among the elderly. Inevitable realities of old age such as loss of a spouse, reduced mobility, illness, working (or otherwise busy) children who are not able to visit their parents can cause or exacerbate this problem.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing and other restrictions have complicated things further and lead to even greater isolation for the elderly in order to keep them safe.

Kind caregiver helping blind pensioner to sit on bench, respect and care for disabled
Help and support senior woman patient sitting on wheelchair prepare get to her car

Loneliness and social isolation have been recognized as public health problems that could have a major impact on older adults’ mental and physical health and even life expectancy.

Our compassionate, caring, and friendly support workers can help reintegrate seniors into the community by accompanying them to a movie or theatre, taking them to visit a friend, driving them to church or a local community centre, accompanying them to their doctor and hospital appointments, or just being with them when they feel lonely and need some company.

Our companion care will help seniors stay active and social, increase their quality of life, and ensure that their essential needs are met.

A happy senior sitting on her wheelchair accompanied by a young caregiver in a park
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