Errands and Shoppings


Running errands can be time-consuming and difficult for seniors. As people age, some of the activities that they do every day may no longer be possible. 

Our care providers can assist your loved ones by running errands such as going to the post office, grocery store, or pharmacy when they need it.


Seniors are often encouraged to remain as active as possible in their daily life and do as much for themselves as they can to maintain their level of functionality. Still, there are times that they may need assistance from others, which is where someone from our amazing team of caregivers comes in and is available to lend a helping hand.

When people cannot (or should not) drive due to health problems, struggle to perform daily tasks such as grocery shopping, dropping off or picking up parcels, paying utility bills, and other routine tasks, our support workers can do these for them, or accompany them to different places and assist them in doing these tasks.

We are here for you
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Our support workers will meet with you and your loved ones to create an errands schedule that meets their specific needs. Having our caregivers run errands on behalf of your loved ones will help keep them relaxed and free from the stress of having to take care of everything by themselves. It will also give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are taken care of and have all the home care assistance they need.