Closeup of elderly woman with home help

Cleaning the home can be a challenge for people living with physical limitations. Seniors may find some of their day-to-day housework difficult to carry out. Tasks that involve lifting or moving heavy objects, and maintaining uncomfortable body postures can all be difficult and even dangerous for the elderly.

As people age and undergo normal physiological changes in different parts of their bodies, performing normal daily tasks can become a challenge. Elderly people are also more likely to suffer from various health conditions, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, heart and lung problems and other conditions that could affect their mobility, physical strength, and stamina.

Caretaker cleaning floor with vacuum cleaner while senior woman sitting on sofa at her home
Smiling aged woman looking at camera, housekeeper wiping dust in room, cleaning

Seniors might avoid some household tasks such as dusting, tidying up, washing the dishes, cleaning rooms, countertops, toilets, and bathrooms due to their physical limitations (or mental health issues such as memory deficits, depression,  Alzheimer's disease, or dementia). This could create an unhygienic or unsafe living environment for them, which causes them to be more prone to various illnesses, falls, fractures, and other problems.

A senior couple in a park
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Magnificare support workers can help seniors with an array of housekeeping needs, including but not limited to: 

●    General cleaning
●    Vacuuming
●    Dusting
●    Cleaning countertops, stoves, and ovens
●    Cleaning bathrooms
●    Wiping down kitchen appliances

●    Organizing closets and cupboards
●    Mopping floors
●    Laundry and pressing clothes
●    Polishing silverware
●    Taking out the trash
●    Making beds