Meal Prepration

An elderly woman eats at home

If you feel that your loved ones are not getting enough nutrition, or if cooking healthy and delicious meals is difficult for them, we can definitely help.

Preparing meals and having adequate nutrition can become a challenge for seniors with health or mobility problems. As we age, maintaining a regular and balanced diet is even more important for our long-term health and wellbeing.

Caregiver feeding elderly with soup
Caregiver helps elderly woman at breakfast.jpg

In addition, our caregivers will work with you or your loved ones to create shopping lists and food inventories that are both nutritious and familiar. They will also take care of all the shopping or accompany your loved ones to the grocery store or supermarket. 

Our caregivers can also help keep track of recommendations from physicians or dieticians and will carefully follow their instructions whilst providing balanced and appealing meals for seniors or anyone living with any medical conditions or disabilities.

Caregiver and elderly cooking in the kitchen
Rear view of elderly man in wheelchair and care helper
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Our friendly and compassionate caregivers can prepare nutritious meals for your loved ones or buy their favourite meals for them based on their instructions and dietary needs and preferences. They will spend time cooking their favourite dishes with them at home and also provide companionship during mealtime, and cleanup at the completion of the meal.