Building A Culture Of Care
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Magnificare is a non-medical home care agency that specializes in dementia and Alzheimer’s care.  

We recruit, and train experienced caregivers to provide home care services to seniors, especially those suffering from dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. 

We also provide a range of home support services for people who suffer from different types of physical disabilities, those who need temporary support due to illness or after operations, and anyone else who needs short or long-term support to live independently in their own home. 


Respect and dignity lie at the heart of our care services. We respect and value each person as a unique individual and treat them according to their individual wants and needs.

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Our clients’ choices, preferences, and values guide everything that we do. We listen and adapt our care plans when needed. Our success is measured by our client’s satisfaction.


Our guiding principles when it comes to senior support are responsible care, awareness of our duties to our clients, honesty and integrity.

Our first priority is and always will be compassionate care, empathy and concern for the health and wellbeing of our clients.


Quality of service is not only our core value but also our passion. We make every effort to deliver the highest quality care to our clients in the safest possible way.


We help people maintain their independence, be fully involved in their own care, empower them to make decisions for themselves, and work collaboratively with them to ensure we provide the best possible service.

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Let's Protect The Values & Rights 
Magnificare Story

December 7th, 2021--Winnipeg, MB--Magnificare is announcing the official opening of its
non-medical home care agency to seniors experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Specializing in quality dementia care techniques and recruiting experienced caregivers, Magnificare is looking to change the societal perception and stigma around dementia care. Managed and supervised by two physicians, Ehsan Esfahani and Mehrdad Habibi, they are looking to be a resource to all who call and are looking for support.

According to the Alzheimer Society, dementia costs more than $10 billion each year in Canada. The more startling figure comes from Alzheimer’s Disease International, 75 percent of people living with dementia are undiagnosed. This creates a large gap in care that family caregivers are unequipped and unprepared to deliver.

That’s where Magnificare comes in. Dr. Esfahani comes from a family physician background
with significant experience working with older adults, and Habibi comes from a psychiatric care background exclusively in geriatric care with a concentration on dementia. They want to position Magnificare as a resource for all Canadians to lean on for expert dementia care.

Home care is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Dementia care at home, in particular, is
challenging. There is no linear progression of dementia as it affects each individual differently.

Magnificare uses a new way of recruiting, training, and retaining caregivers that is unlike other home care agencies. They are focused on quality of life for caregivers too, which plays into the continuity of care and happier clients. Their goal is to make the journey of ageing a happy experience for each of their clients, including their families. Loved ones and primary caregivers are a part of the treatment process too. Manager, Dr. Esfahani says, “Family members and friends are always a crucial part of our care team, who could not only provide very valuable information about the person, as they know them best but also could ensure that the care plan is always relevant to the client’s care needs.”

From risk reduction, cognitive stimulation, brain engagement, socialization, and being active, Magnificare caregivers are trained in all respects to help their clients maintain brain health and wellness. Magnificare doesn’t just have cookie-cutter care plans, they create thrive plans—documents that set goals and work toward achieving progress for their clients. Dr. Habibi says, “Care planning is a dynamic process that changes regularly, as the client’s mental and physical state and their care needs change. Dementia goes through various stages and a care plan that has been developed to address a client’s care needs in the early stages of the disease would not be suitable for the moderate or advanced stages of the condition.”

In recent years, there has been a shift toward home-based ageing care services, like home care, home health, and hospice services. According to a survey in the National Institute on Aging, almost 100 percent of Canadians 65 and older plan on ageing in place.

With the growing number of older adults who will require home-based care services as their
bodies become increasingly frail, Canadians need a home care option that will focus and
specialize in a specific type of care that is underserved: dementia. You can work with an agency that will take the time to walk around your house, figure out what you need as a client, as well as what your family needs.
You have goals and a list of things that you want to accomplish. The Magnificare team is here to help you achieve them. Add Magnificare to your bucket list today.

To Be A Care Family Member

Our care personnel include trained and qualified personal support workers, qualified health care professionals such as nurses, and caregivers with extensive experience in the field of elderly and disabled care.


​Magnificare has a robust and meticulous recruitment strategy. We hire people who are caring, compassionate and willing to help others.  All our caregivers undergo criminal record, professional and character reference checks prior to recruitment. 

​We take the job satisfaction and commitment of our personnel as seriously as the quality, safety, and human-centeredness of the services that we provide. Regular training and supervision are provided to our caregivers, and they are constantly supported to improve their knowledge and skills, especially people skills.