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Physical Assistance

Mobility problems are common among seniors for various reasons and it is critical for the elderly to be physically active and mobile in their own environment. Many seniors prefer to stay in their own homes, but this can become more and more difficult as they grow older. 

Challenges like cognitive decline and decreased mobility can make living at home difficult and unsafe. In the hands of our caring and supportive staff, your loved one can remain in their home and continue living independently for longer.

The Help You Need,
The Way You Want It

Assessment of mobility, strengths, limitations, and risk of falls are important parts of our initial comprehensive assessment of client care needs.

A comprehensive care plan is developed based on the assessment of the client and their home environment in liaison with the client and their loved ones

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Ways to maintain and improve mobility, reduce the risk of falls and provide the necessary physical assistance and support when indicated are all integral parts of the care plan.

For people who might be limited due to physical effects of ageing or other various health problems, Magnificare can help 24/7 in several ways, such as:
●    Ambulatory assistance
●    Wheelchair assistance
●    Dressing and undressing
●    Positioning and range of motion
●    Transfer between lying, sitting, and standing positions
●    Other day to day activities